Everyday Hispanic Heritage Project – Dr. Ralph (Ed) Myer, MD

Dr. Ralph (Ed) Myer, MD

Sea Mar Community Health Clinic

Seattle, WA

Hispanics are a very diverse people. More than a common language, Hispanics share a common history, culture, and ethos. Countries in Latin America have welcomed immigrants from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. This is one of the reasons why so many people find it difficult to define who, exactly, is Latin@. This can be the case with today’s “Everyday Hispanic Heritage” hero.

Ed Myer was born in the state of Washington, USA, to Mennonite missionaries, who shortly after his birth moved to Puerto Rico to serve a small, rural community called Castañer. Ed’s parents served as medical missionaries at the Castañer General Hospital, and his siblings were born there. After their time in Puerto Rico, the Myer family moved to Mexico, where Ed grew up enveloped by the rich culture of the country. After finishing high school, Ed moved back to his home in Puerto Rico where he finished his degree in Family Medicine at the University of Puerto Rico – School of Medicine. He then served at the San Juan General Hospital and a residency at the Merced Community Medical Center of the University of California before moving back to Wenatchee, WA where he worked at the local community clinic.

After some time in the USA, Dr. Myer moved to Nicaragua where he served for many years in rural communities during the civil unrest in the country. He has spent most of his professional life serving poor or rural communities throughout Central America, Mexico, and Washington State. Currently, he is on the staff at Sea Mar Community Health Clinic in Seattle.

None of his patients think of Dr. Myer as a “white” or “Anglo” doctor. On the contrary, very few people believe him when he tells them that his family is actually from the United States. Ed is, for all purposes, a Puerto Rican-Mexican-Nicaraguan and a true Hispanic. His roots are in rural Puerto Rico and Mexico, and his heart still lives in the jungles of Nicaragua where he lived and served for so many years. Providing health care to the Hispanic community in the King County area of Washington state comes easy to Dr. Myer, as he understands this as part of his commitment to this own people.

Ed Myer lives a simple life. He is deeply committed to the environment and proudly states that he produces enough house waste to fill only one bag every month. He has spent decades serving and supporting peace organizations. Dr. Myer commitment to social justice has also led him to be a vocal advocate for immigration reform, economic reform, peace building, and many other important issues of social reform. For all the work that Ed does in his local community and all the work he has done with his Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan communities, Dr. Myer is today’s Everyday Hispanic Heritage hero!


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