Everyday Hispanic Heritage Project – Ms. Haydeth Tavira

Ms. Haydeth Tavira

Pantry Manager

West Side Campaign Against Hunger, New York, NY

Hunger is a real issue in the United States. After the economic collapse, food pantries across the nation saw a dramatic increment of clients. In New York City, there are several organizations supporting families and individuals who suffer from hunger and other needs. One of these organizations is West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH.) This is where our Everyday Hispanic Heritage heroine currently works.

Haydeth Tavira moved to the United States from her native Mexico. She is a single mother of three who has lived in New York City for many years. Her commitment to her children didn’t allow her to pursue full time employment, and as luck would have it, she was unemployed or underemployed for long periods of her time. But this did not deter this courageous woman. Instead of staying home, she decided to volunteer with nonprofits in her community. That is when she came to be part of the corps of volunteers at WSCAH.

Haydeth provided support to the staff and clients of the organization. You would find her sorting through donated clothes, unpacking loads of canned food, helping elderly people fill out paperwork, running errands for disable clients of the food pantry and overall doing anything that was needed. She was never discouraged, she never stopped.

Besides volunteering for WSCAH, Ms. Tavira was active in school PTAs, tutoring programs, and any other of her children’s needs. She would often join other women in the community who came to learn English in the program offered by the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew, where WSCAH rents space. Her courage and determination has always been an example for other immigrant women – single, married, with or without children – who came through the doors of the food pantry.

After many years as a volunteer, Ms. Tavira is now on the staff of WSCAH, and continues serving on other community initiatives. She continues with her commitment to end hunger in New York City and continues being an exemplary mother and friend. Her life is an example of the strong will of the Hispanic people, and for this, Ms. Haydeth Tavira is today’s Everyday Hispanic Heritage heroine!


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