Today Is My Wedding Day

Today is my wedding day. Growing up, I never thought this would be something I would say. Back when I was a teenager and realized I was attracted to other boys, the dream of a wedding was not something I had. But after a long journey, today this is a reality. I can get married. The minister can pronounce us “legally married.” I can say to the world that I have a husband and I will proudly wear my wedding ring. 

Unfortunately, marriage equality is not universal throughout the United States, which means that, once I cross the eastern or southern border of my state of Washington, my marriage is not recognized. This is why I will continue to work for marriage equality, because I want other gay and lesbian couples in the country to have the same rights that my soon-to-be-husband and me have. I want to make sure that other couples in the United States have the right to stand in front of their family and friends and show their love through the bonds of marriage. I want other gay and lesbian couples to feel the excitement of waking up one morning and say… “TODAY IS MY WEDDING DAY!” 


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